Silent BDS 5000


Max AC. Output VA 5000, Rated AC. Output VA 4200

  • Suitable to run 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners, Submersible Pump, Deep Freezers, Inductive & Motor Loads.
  • Pure sine wave THD<2%, Suitable for sensitive electronic equipment’s
  • Very high over loading capacity.
  • Auto shut off if engine oil is low
  • Auto shut off if no diesel in tank
  • High Temperature Indicator & Alarm
  • AMF Panel Compatible (can start and stop itself, Auto load transfer & all time battery charging) (Optional)
  • World’s highest fuel efficient Portable D.G. Set.
Contact:- Mr.Deepak:- 9235707260, Mr. Sarvjeet:-7500292710
E-Mail:- [email protected]
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