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Diesel, LPG, Kerosene, Petrol Generators for sale in Lucknow. HPM Generators offers highly tested portable generators for home, office, industry and farming. HPM Generators are tried and tested on heavy appliance and few of our model are capable to run 3 Air Condition with so many other heavy appliance. So if you are looking to buy Generator kindly consider HPM too.

  • CPCB Stage II Compliance  Generators
  • Most Fuel Generators  in India

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Don’t Know which Generators  Model is Suitable for You?

Call  HPM Helpline no –  9410367945 or read our Generator buying guide in India
HPM Generators in Lucknow IndiaHimalayan Power Machine (HPM) generators are available for sale in Lucknow via its strong network of dealers. In Lucknow you may need portable generator in home, office or for your industry. We have strong after sales network to handle warranty and installation issues, for a quick response we also tied-up with trusted generators mechanic in Lucknow.

If you have any question related to Pre Sale or Support regarding portable generators you can contact us on 9410367945

Most of people concern about the right type of Generator as per their requirement, We are just a phone call away to help you in choosing best generator for you.  If needed we will suggest you our dealer for any onsite inspection  or support.

HPM Generators has been developed by keeping in mind the requirement of the People, our generators comes in a wide range of fuel options like, Diesel, Petrol, LPG and Kerosene. As per your requirement we may also ask  our dealer to check onsite to know what  will the right type of Generator for you.

In addition we also offer Welding Generators for the locations where electricity is not yet available like construction site or for camping.

Welding Generators in Lucknow are very useful for the locations where electricity is not available like construction site.

HPM Generators in Lucknow can run almost all appliance like Air Conditioner, Electric Water Pumps, Refrigerators, L.E.d Television, Washing Machine and other appliances.

HPM Generators are  fit for  Home,  Office and Industry.  Some of our models are so light weight that they can  transfer from one location to another in a bike.

One can use  our portable generators  for agriculture requirements.

Why buy  HPM portable generators in Lucknow?

1. Strong After Sales Network especially in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh.
2. Availability of Spare Parts in case of any severe issue.
3. Online solution for most of the general Generator related problem.
4. Our support center is always ready get answer any question related to Generators.
5. Our Generator series have very low noise in addition we also offer Silent Portable Generators.
5. Fuel consumption is low in comparison other other available generators in the market under this category.

Where to buy HPM Portable Generators  in Lucknow?

We have trusted dealer network of Portable Generators in Lucknow, You can contact us on  9410367945 or also mail us [email protected]