Information for Model Silent  GE 3200DS, GE 3500DS, BDS 4000, BDS5000, GE 7000 DS, GE 7500 DS, GE 9000 DS, Single & 3 Phase.

Use SERVO PREMIUM Engine Oil 15 W40 or Equivalent.


  • Normally 25 AH, 30 AH, 32 AH & 35 AH batteries are of same size & look.
  • Dealer / customer many times buy cheaper batteries.
  • For above model DG Sets, buy genuine & correct 12v- 35 AH battery like: Livguard or Amaron only.
  • Under capacity (AH) batteries or discharged battery can damage the self motor


  1. If genset is not in use for 15 days or more, battery starts discharging, So Always Use External Battery Charger, so that battery is always in charged condition.


  1. For starting, always start the engine with the help of ‘D’ – compression lever. To start , first press & hold the ‘D’ – compression lever by right hand finger & with left hand rotate the start key , as soon engine take 3- 4 rotations, remove your right hand from ‘D’ – compression lever , engine will start.
  2. In case battery is low / discharged, do not start engine – by start key. Dealer must give training to customer for manual starting by rope pulling. in this way Customer can use the generator, even if battery is in discharge Condition.
  3. Check water level of Battery in every 15 days and Top – Up with distilled water.
  4. Self Motor carries No Guaranty or Warranty, because its life depends on usage and discretion of user.
  5. Warranty of all portable Gensets against any manufacturing defects are for 1 year or 500 hours of running, whichever is earlier. Refer owner’s manual to know more about warranty limitations.
  6. Free service facility is available at Dehra Dun & Delhi Centers only.