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HIMALAYAN POWER MACHINE GENERATORS IN INDIAWithout power you can’t do anything. Invertors and Batteries can keep your appliances running for a few additional hours but without a power source, you will eventually lose out to darkness. Invest into a portable generator today and stay secured at times of power failure!

If you need a portable generator for home, office or other commercial use, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know and we have so many reasons why you should consider HPM Genset for your next generator purchase.

Why Buy A Portable Generator

Generators are usually installed in places where power failure is a normal part of life, or where there is no direct access to power. For example, as a home or office backup power system, at campsites, construction sites (Welding Portable Generators) and so on.  HPM portable generator is one that can be moved around and hence is a great convenience for most. At the same time it is a necessity for people who live in city where power failure is more than 4-6 hours per day. There are petrol operated generators as well as LPG operated ones but diesel portable generators is the most commonly used portable generator.

Even if you don’t face constant power failures, don’t go camping or live in a city where power failure is on regular basis, there are plenty of benefits of having a portable generator. For starters, natural phenomena disrupt usual power supply and it is in such situations that a portable generator proves its worth ten times over. Basically, you may not use the generator for most of the year but the 1 month you go through natural calamities, you will be glad that you invested in a portable generator. Moreover, HPM generators are portable and they are designed for intermittent use. Unlike stationary generators that cost a lot and require expensive installation, planning and rewiring, HPM portable generators are easy to operate, selectively power a few appliances and have a long shelf life.

HPM Generators Quality

CPCB II Approved Portable Generators

HPM Generators presents first Portable Diesel Generator Series, which meets CPCB II New Emission & Sound Norms, applicable form April-2014.

Design and Portability

Size alone does not make a generator portable. The design too plays a crucial role. HPM Generators have comfortable grip and design, larger wheels, mounted on one end, stands on the other, ability to tilt the generator easily on its wheels.

Noise Level

All HPM Generators falls under the 86 dBA bracket. We also offer silent portable generators.

Alert System

HPM Generators have inbuilt High Temperature Alert System and safeguard its user from fire hazards.

Overload  Protection 

HPM Generators have an inbuilt system to protect generator from overloading.

Recoil Start and Self Start

Apart from design and other feature we have higher concern for the comfort of HPM users, We offer both starting system you can choose from Recoil or Self Start generator.

For other features and specification you can see the individual page of Portable Generators in our website.

Where to Buy Portable Generator in Delhi and NCR?

If you are looking for Diesel Portable Generators, Petrol Portable Generators, Welding Generators or LPG Generator in Delhi or NCR then you have come to the right place on internet. HPM Generators have strong dealers and after sales support network in Dehli and NCR region or you can also browse our website see various portable generator models. If you assistance in selecting the suitable portable generator as per your requirement, you can call us at : 09410367945 We will be glad to help you at all steps.

Having a HPM portable generator backed on your home electricity supply is a good idea. With HPM Portable Generator you never again have to worry about losing power in the middle of the night. In fact, losing power itself will have no effect on the way you live your life inside your home. HPM generator can power refrigerators, television, air conditioners and much more. We strongly believes that Power equals life. Without power, one can feel lost, disoriented and downright grumpy.

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